Whitewall Tires

31RgU6n1L6LI first heard of whitewall tires in 2008 when I bought a retro-looking Genuine Buddy Scooter. Among other features, the special model I purchased boasted white wall tires. They were cool looking and complimented the retro look that the scooter model was going for. Today, you can most commonly find aftermarket whitewall tires on vintage automobiles and trucks from the 1940’s-1970’s. Today, whitewall tires are considered sleek and are more expensive than regular ties. Back in the day, however, whitewall tires were the norm and were actually developed before all-black tires. This is why whitewalls are closely associated with older model vehicles. When the first all-black tires became available, they were considered the ‘premiere’ tire and more desirable than today’s more expensive whitewall tires (reverse to today’s trends).

Today, all available whitewall tires are aftermarket. The last factory whitewalls were installed in the Lincoln Town Car which halted production in 2010. To my surprise, even a thin stripe (less than an inch thick) on the wall of a tire qualifies it as being a “whitewall” tire. A white ring on the side wall of the tire can range from 3/8” thick to over 3″ thick. In addition to white, you can also get a gold stripe or colored stripe on the wall of your tires (red, blue, yellow, green).


Random Tire News This Week:

Cool Tire Prototypes Win Design Awards

Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 3.07.20 PM

We think these Hankook Tires are VERY cool, and all three won prestigious awards this week at the Red Dot Design Awards as well as the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). Check out the “Boostrac”, the “Alpine”, and the “hyBlade”:

Baby Born At Tire Shop

A healthy baby was born this week in an Arizona tire shop when a couple stopped in to ask for directions to the nearest hospital. The woman started giving birth right then and there, and fortunately a registered nurse happened to be at the scene per chance. We don’t have registered nurses here. The closest hospital is on Robinson and Grove about five blocks away.